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Are you organizing a festival, a city event, or any large happening?
Connect everyone onsite  

There are stage areas, food areas, shopping areas. Hundreds of people stroll, mingle, experience something together, go their ways again. Everyone is free to roam the grounds. All feel connected with each other and want to experience the most during this precious time.

These are Winkt feelings. 

Anker 1
Image by Marvin Meyer

Oops, a program change!

Something changes at short notice. A late stage appearance, an accident, a flashmop, a spontaneous performance. No event always goes according to plan. But from now on it's not so tragic, because with Winkt you can inform exactly those who need to know about the change in a matter of seconds. 

My fans are waiting

I just come to the site and tell my fans on Winkt. Now I am in the backstage area. The excitement is rising. My fans read it on Winkt. Only a few minutes left until the start. The party is already going on in front of the stage. In a few seconds show time.... and I quickly write it on Winkt.

Image by Aranxa Esteve

Where are my people out there?

The area is confusing. Where are "my people"? I need someone on the spot who is close by and can respond. I don't want to write a big text, just make a digital shout-out to the right people. For that, Winkt has the sub-groups called CIRCLES. Pretty handy.

What offers are the exhibitors making me right now?

There is so much going on around me. Performances, initiatives, group actions, special program items are all exciting at the same time. Now it takes Winkt to see what is urgent and exciting right now. 

Image by Syed Ahmad
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