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Image by Fionn Große

Kreuzberg postings

If you live in the area of Oranienstreet in Berlin, you've probably seen the flyer. 

Now you might be wondering what exactly you can do.


Here are our top 7: 


1. Make a start!

Maybe you are the first one who has just registered in your area. Then don't get discouraged, but explore the functionalities, tell friends and acquaintances, send out winks, and wait to see what happens. Again a small reminder, so you are not surprised: Your Winks delete themselves after 60 min. Then you have to/can send out a new wink. The reason for this is that you only ever want to see the information that is hot off the press and has immediate relevance. 


2. Create an open or closed CIRCLE for your house community!

You can call it e.g. "Engeldamm 50". With an open CIRCLE, everyone who is interested in the house community can simply join and read messages from each other. With a closed CIRCLE you have to give an access code to everyone who should join. 


3. Join CIRCLES that have been created by stores or pubs!

You will then get the inside or regular guest information and can give feedback. For example, Kaffeekirsche will let you know if you can pick up a half-price cake just before closing time, or what the lunch menu is today at Chez Michel. Did you know that on Monday morning there will be real chimney sweeps in front of the Lotto store? Store owner Ercan can wink it at you. Or are you interested in whether a 20-minute appointment has just become available at FitBox because someone else canceled, and you can now fill in spontaneously? Then you should join the FitBox CIRCLE. Or you would like to be reminded when Mass starts in the church or if there is a meeting in the parish hall. Then you would choose the Church CIRCLE. Or do you know which events around the "Love around the world" exhibition at freiraum für fotografie will start in the next hour? All this is always just a few minutes' walk away from you. 


4. Create CIRCLES that match your interests!

Ideas for open CIRCLE could be Free parking, dog walking buddies, playing sports together outside, bag-carrying help, ping pong players,...

Ideas for closed CIRCLE could be daycare-parents, choir-members, wedding parties, retailers among themselves,...


5. Don't give up!

The Winkt app is still brand new. If you don't know exactly how everything works, call Eva or Paulina at 0175-3204967, who both live close by. If you have ideas about what's missing in the app or what would be an interesting feature, tell them. We in the Winkt team work around the clock on the constant development of the app and need co-creation with you. 

6. Tell others about it!

What we experience here around Oranien Street can be exciting for other places as well. Tell people about it and invite them to join in. The more we are, the better. 


7. Create this place!

These days most of us are only in the narrow radius around our homes. Then let's start the change where we are: in this small place. 

Every place has secrets that can be discovered. Every place has people to get to know. It may be that happiness is right on our doorstep. The Winkt App is a beginning, an impulse, and inspiration. Think about it together with us.  

Click here and see what these steps look like directly in the app design. 

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