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Talk to your potential customers who are already on site

Customers and guests who spontaneously find themselves in the vicinity of your location often don't know that you are only one street away. Is there a special offer or something new in the range? Are there tables available at short notice because someone cancelled? Are there goods that you would throw away if they weren't picked up within the next few minutes?

All these are your Winkt moments.

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A or B location? We shrink the difference

Maybe your restaurant or shop is in an A location, and you can address your customers visually through displays or window displays. That's great. But if you're in a B location and your customers have to turn into a side street, then you can now consciously direct them to you with a Wink. 

The customers in the shop and in the restaurant need your full attention.

You don't have time to take photos of your creations or your lunch table, to add nice texts and to find suitable hashtags. In fact, you don't have time to look at your phone at all. Just Winkt is so quick, easy and practical that it's worth the few seconds. 

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Advertising campaigns are expensive. Yes, but not with Winkt

A large-scale campaign is not worth it for you. But how about a small campaign that only targets potential customers who are within walking distance of you?

Instagram is so watering can principle

All local retailers and restaurateurs seem to be on Instagram, Facebook & Co. This can be used to generate a brand, but it's not really efficient if the followers aren't physically around when your special offer applies.

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Image by Adam Winger

"Excuse me, but I would like to cancel the reservation".

You know those calls? You have booked time for someone and then you get a cancellation or worse: a no-show. With Winkt, you can offer the appointment at short notice to those who can be there within a few minutes.

It hurts to throw away food or products.

You are going to close your shop in a few minutes and there is still food or products left that cannot be sold tomorrow. What now? Throw it away? Or send out a Wink beforehand: If you come directly to collect, you get a discount.

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