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A. About the app

1. What is the Winkt app?

The Winkt app is a social reality platform that allows you to connect with other users nearby, within a maximum distance of 1000 meters. Comparable to social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook, in Winkt you have all kinds of social interactions, but now everything is related to your location and your proximity to the other users. Winkt focuses on what is relevant to you at that moment in your location. The communication design is dynamic-relative, which means that information is automatically deleted when you leave the proximity or time period.  

2. How does it work?

You can send or receive messages with a maximum of 56 characters, a maximum lifetime of 120 minutes, and a maximum distance of 1000 meters. You can decide whether you want to communicate with everyone nearby or with selected people grouped in Circles. You can also decide whether you want to register either with your real name or any name, or remain anonymous. Some communication features, such as commenting, require registration. You can only have one wink active per addressee group at a time. To send new information, you must either edit your existing wink or delete it.

3. How to create an account?

To create an account click on the empty profile screen, top right on the home screen, and select ‘Don’t have an account? Register. You can choose a username and password and add your phone number. Other users can only see your username and short description.


4. Can I use Winkt anonymously?

Yes! You can use Winkt anonymously. You are automatically logged in anonymously, but you can change your profile picture and name at any time.


5. How to wink?

Messages in Twitter are called Tweets and messages in Winkt are called Wink. If your feed is empty, click on the box icon in the upper right corner or on the red button in the lower right corner if there are already Winks near you and decide if you want to create a message or a poll (in general, the red color reliably always leads you to your logical next step). To write something, choose your settings, select how big the radius of your wink should be, which location you want to use, how long your wink should be visible for others, and if you want your username to be displayed or if other users should be allowed to comment on your wink and then click on "Wink it". You will find your own wink in the feed. Apart from the plain text of a maximum of 56 characters, you can't send any other content. Wink doesn't want to be a classic messenger ;)

6. How to set up a Winkt Circle?

With the Circle function you have the possibility to wink to certain users. You can easily create your own Circles or join open and closed Circles via the circle icon. These are assigned to locations, such as a restaurant or your neighborhood. Add a photo and a short description to your Circle and you're ready to go.


7. How can I filter, block, comment, like… etc?

By clicking on the respective wink, you will get to the details of the wink, where you can either leave a comment with 28 characters or click on the small three dots to edit or delete your own wink or block the wink of another user and thus no longer get displayed. You can also report the wink to us if, for example, it does not comply with the terms of use. 

8. What is the difference compared to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more?

The well-known, large social media platforms show you information that is either oriented on the information in your profile or compiled on the basis of your "digital footprint". However, it is not information that is directly related to your current situation and the real people around you. Winkt, on the other hand, selects based only on the variables: Location, recency, and relative proximity to each other. Moreover, the well-known, large social media platforms follow the design principle of keeping users in the app as long as possible. With Winkt, we want to do just the opposite. We designed the app in such a way that a quick glance should be enough to gauge what's happening and how much you want to participate. The shorter our users stay in the Winkt app, the closer we are to our vision of contemporary communication design.

B. About the company


9. Who is the Winkt team?

We are two founders. We are united by a great vision, which we have tried to put into words for you under "What we think". In addition, many great people support us and our idea. For now, we would like to get in line behind our product, namely the Winkt App. The most important thing is not us as persons, but the idea of Winkt itself. 

10. How can I follow the Winkt startup journey?

To mentally follow us over time and follow our vision, you can connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. You can also join the mailing list for our newsletter. 


11. How can I get in contact?

Of course you can reach us via the contact form on this website, as well as via the social media channels. As a young startup, you can also easily reach most of the team via email at or If you experience Winkt at a live event and someone from the Winkt team is there, please feel free to contact us directly. We are looking forward to meeting you. 

12. How can I contribute to the idea of Winkt?

Oh, there are many possibilities. As a user, you can give constructive feedback on the app. As an event manager, you can organize your events with Winkt. As a business economist or strategist, you can invest. As a startup enthusiast, you can collaborate. As an activist you can discuss "New Localism" with us at Kiez-Summits... and much more. We are here with open arms. There is a lot to do. 

C. About the Version


13. What should I know about the current Version?

What you see in the actual version is constantly being tested and improved. Adopters that work with us at this early stage will receive special rates once the Basic and Premium accounts are available. Basic features will always remain free, but special features, e.g. setting up circles with direct messages to your followers will require either a Basic or a Premium account. We will give you more details at a later stage of the version. The best thing about being a Winkt user already in this phase is: your feedback is extremely valuable and you will be part of the Winkt adventure from the very beginning.  

14. How can I give feedback?

Of course, you can always contact us via the contact form on this website. Also, every now and then we will ask for feedback with an admin wink that includes a deep link to a survey. We welcome any feedback from you, whether you are related to technology, design or branding. In fact, we're eager to hear your feedback on the grand vision of Winkt. 


15. Which features will be released next?

The feature backlog and idea pipeline are well filled, but we want to take it step by step and always incorporate your feedback. 


16. Which languages will be released next?

If you click on "Settings", then you can choose your language. At the moment we offer English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. More languages are planned. One member of the founding team even dreams of a Latvian version. We have already chosen an app design that will be compatible with all languages in the long term, whether long or short words. 

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