Places and people belong together

Digitalization makes us believe it didn´t matter where we live or work - but that is not true. It does matter! Put bluntly: we are defined by where we are.


It is not the location only but rather the people who live around us and who make the place the way it is. Winkt builds upon the belief that we all want to have an impact in life that can be felt in direct personal contact with others - hence with the ones nearby. Therefore, our Winkt solution puts the unity of user and location into the center of design and technology. 

What we innovate

Augmented Locality

Usually, we speak of augmented reality when things that we see in real life get enriched by digital visual elements. Referring to that, we created the notion of augmented locality, meaning that Winkt enriches your present location with extra information and contacts. 

What we envision

A social reality platform for hyperlocal happening

Winkt takes the established elements of social media, disassembles them, and assembles them again in such a new way that the reality - defined by right here, right now - is put into the center of attention. There is no such platform on the market yet that is consistently dynamic-hyperlocal.

What we expect

The raise of AuthenTech

We think of Winkt as a merge of augmented locality and AuthenTech industry. We are developing a new direct way of authentic location- and content-based communication with community, intention, and value at its heart. This article expresses it in such good words:

2021 Prediction: The Rise Of AuthenTech (

Inspiration and diversity

Some of us can´t keep track of new forms of digital interaction and innovation. Others have seen it all, suffer from social media fatigue and fancy "digital detox". We as co-founders of Winkt know it from our own experience. We understand. Therefore, Winkt is easy and focused on what is relevant in the present moment right here, right now. 

What we value

What we plan

Customer support and convenience

There is a lot of experience and learnings in the market when it comes to location-based anonymous messenger services or social online network design. Think of data protection, accessibility, customer service, brain triggers, or mitigation actions in case of abuse. We are working constantly on innovating anyone of these issues and challenge our ideas with experts in the fields. 

What we are passionate about

Public space as social hub

The idea of Winkt is our answer to the pandemic. We are passionate about people looking away from the screen and get in contact with real people nearby. Winkt wants to be the trigger. We are up and running to enrich public space, inner cities, and crowded locations or events with valuable, helpful, and interesting information. Winkt gives the power to the ones onsite.  

What we have in our calender

Debates, networking, and promotion

On Saturday, Aug 14th, at Berlin Questions - Conference for the immediate present we will answer the question: If you only had five minutes, how would you describe your metropolis of the future?

At Kiez-Summit: Hyperlokal die Welt retten Tickets, Do, 26.08.2021 um 17:00 Uhr | Eventbrite we will answer the question: What opportunities and risks have hyperlocal solutions like Winkt? How are we going to build a strong rope team of Berlin start-ups which all share the same expectations of hyperlocal business models?

Good read on the issue - however in German language: Hyperlocal: Der Ort bin ich (


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Our collaborations with universities

We have collaborated with the HTW and Macromedia universities, ...

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