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Imagine what it would be like to be connected with everyone nearby. 

Winkt is your platform for all hyperlocal happenings in one place.

Right here, right now.


If you want to bring your favorite user name to the safe side, be fast.

Soon the most popular user names will be assigned. User numbers are growing crazily.

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What We Do

Connecting people and places

With Winkt you share offers, discounts, opportunities with the ones nearby within seconds. 

It is straightforward micro-marketing texting.


We select content by proximity and urgency. 

Try it out: Post offers at the perfect moment and get immediate customer or friends reaction. 

Phone Screen
Phone Screen

Instant community

Create CIRCLES to aspire a group feeling with the ones nearby and put your location on the map. Invite your customers, your guests, and your friends to your CIRCLES. 

You can even use WINKT for event management. Once your guests are on-site, give them spontaneous information and trigger an immediate reaction. 

The result: conveniently influence within walking distance. 

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Phone Screen
Phone Screen

Fast, convenient information

Within seconds you create your WINK and reach everyone nearby or select groups among the ones nearby.

Choose the proximity that fits your situation. Maybe you want to reach the ones in your room only, or in your building, in range of vision or in walking distance of maximum of 10 minutes. 

Your WINK can be liked, shared, commented on, followed, and more. You can even do little surveys.

It is direct, easy, fast, and timely. On top, inclusive and accessible. 

Phone Screen
Phone Screen

Social reality instead of social media

Winkt mirrors reality, in which information is always understood only in the context of the respective situation.


In addition, Winkt gives us the freedom to reveal only as much information about ourselves as we would in real life with the respective counterpart. 

Focus on little, but important

See on your phone only what is relevant to you in the here and now - and nothing else. 

We give you the freedom to choose your own filters. Decide for yourself what is relevant for you. 

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Connection to the customer

If you are a restaurant, a local shop owner or you organize a cultural event, then WINKT is the best tool for you to inform your new or existing customers about offers, discounts, or simply exciting news. 

Winkt digitizes cardboard displays, chalkboards, flyering, bulletin boards and connects you with your customers and guests permanently and easily through your Business CIRCLE. 

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Featured in

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Let's Talk!

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